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Our solid in-house construction team coupled with our working relationships with banks, 值得信赖的承包商, and effective construction management helps our clients achieve a cash-generating position from renovations quickly. Our diversity and experience in the field will provide owners and investors like you with more value than other property remodeling 和维护服务 in Grand Rapids.

Property Remodeling, Rehab, and Maintenance Services We Offer to Our Investors

When you work with us for Michigan property management or residential property investment services, 365买球官方网站还可以为您做大面积的装修, rehab, 和维护服务. 365买球官方网站在这个领域有多年的经验, which ensures that our in-house maintenance and construction team is efficient and cost-effective to you, 财产所有者. 365买球官方网站的工作质量在365买球官网入口地区是无与伦比的. Below are some of the services we offer related to remodeling and maintenance.


~Trim work

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~Windows~Handicap ramps, railings~Storage Sheds~Soffit repair~Wood rot repair



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~门窗~门栓锁~门维修~玻璃安装 & 替换~铰链~滑动门~风暴门 & 窗户~挡风雨条和填缝~窗户安装 & 修理~窗户锁~窗台


~硬木地板,瓷砖, & vinyl floors
~楼梯,步骤, & railings





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~Leaks – ceilings, roof, other~Screens – Put up, take down, repair~Masonry Repair~Plaster Repair



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~Curtains~Doors and Windows~Hand rails~Locks~Pet doors~Smoke detectors~Roof Vents and Turbines~Bath exhaust fans~Range hoods

Home Repairs



~Towel racks
~Tile work
~Bath fans


~风机安装 & repairs

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~砖景观 & repair

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~排水沟安装~邮箱~百叶窗-油漆, repair, install~Sidewalks~Siding repair~Storm drains – clean out~Swing set installation



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~Flashing – replace and repair~Roof vents~Roof leaks~Shingles~Skylights


~Gas Grills
~Swing Sets
~You Name it!

Odd Jobs


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~Moving boxes~Product assembly~Clean-up and organization~Fixture installs & repair~Moving furniture~Sweeping~Punch-out / turn-a-round~Railings~Sanding~Walkways


  • Rockford
  • Sparta
  • Lowell
  • Alto
  • Byron Center
  • Caledonia
  • Jenison
  • Jamestown
  • Hudsonville
  • Holland

And more!

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All three. Hourly Rate: If the job is small and relatively straight forward – we’ll use our judgment during your initial call to assess how long the work will take and schedule a visit from a craftsman based on that assessment. However, due to the variables experienced when dealing with home repairs and the difficulty in assessing the work on the phone, 任务所花费的时间可能比预计的长(或短). Some time, when you open a wall or take down a light fixture you may find something unexpected that was not part of the original assessment. The charge will also include any materials that are required plus carriage (charged at the hourly rate) for any materials that need to be collected. Quotation: In many cases an exact quote can be given, depending on the type and size of the project. 当365买球官方网站处理所有已知的因素时,这是可以做到的, for example, 如果你需要把瓦板拆下来换新的, 这很简单, however if after you get the old shingles off you have rotted boards, 这是额外的. If the task is straight forward we’ll be able to provide a fixed price – a quote – for doing the work. Estimate: In older buildings and depending on the scope of the project, 这是最常用的方法. 凭借365买球官方网站丰富的经验, most times, we know what to expect and can take the anticipated into consideration. However, if a house is purchased from a bank or tax sale and you are not able to test the water pressure, 炉膛及电气系统, 这是不可能知道这些项目是否需要工作或更换.

这取决于项目的范围和所需的许可, 通常365买球官方网站可以在两周内开始.
我需要几种不同类型的重塑工作完成. 你要派多少工匠?
这取决于项目, we do have craftsman the specialize in one or two areas and we have others that can do many handyman type of projects. If we are doing a complete remodel in an older home that needs heating, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, 干墙和油漆, 工作中会有几个不同的人. 如果只是一个绘画工作,365买球官方网站可能有2-4个画家. If it something very small that needs a handyman only, there would only be one person.
我想用你们的装修服务. What do I do?
Contact us 告诉365买球官方网站你想做什么. We will set up a time that is convenient for you to look at the project and discuss what you want done. 你会得到一个估价或报价和一个预定的开始时间.
United Properties specializes in Kent County and Western Ottawa Counties.
In this unlikely event, we’ll re-visit your property to examine the work. If it hasn’t been completed to the high standard we expect, we’ll put it right free of charge.
在这种不太可能发生的情况下, 联合财产公司将免费为您修复损坏. You would also be covered under our insurance if something major would happen.
它根据所需工作的类型而有所不同. Different levels of experience needed are charged at different rates. 这通常可以在365买球官方网站了解需求时计算出来. 请致电365买球官方网站讨论您的要求.
Anything from installing a mail box to lifting a house and repairing a foundation.
United Properties manages the complete project if you would decide to use us.


A gallery of before and after images from previous property remodeling projects 365买球官方网站 has done
"I moved to Michigan from Nevada and they were the only property management group who worked with us to look at homes via video calls and recorded video. Courtney really helped keep us in the loop and constantly updated me on any questions I had and went out of her way to make sure we got the place we wanted once we arrived in Michigan. Dee was also extremely helpful and went to any house we asked her to and helped us view the homes at times that were convenient to us with a 3 hour time difference. 我爱他们,也很高兴能继续和他们一起工作!"


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If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with United Properties, get in touch. 365买球官方网站很乐意多谈谈365买球官方网站的出租物业, 365买球官方网站的应用程序的需求, 365买球官方网站的租赁流程.

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